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My Approach

      The first guideline that defines my work is establishing a therapeutic relationship that allows you, the client, to feel safe and understood.

     We then facilitate a reflection and discovery of new meanings on significant issues in your present life. Those issues could be specific, such as feelings concerning relationships, self-esteem, stress, or work, or they could be unspecific, such as feeling emotional, irritable, distressed, or unfulfilled.

     My approach is always tailored to each individual's needs, and can encompass diverse strategies and techniques.

      Finally, the underlying goal or outcome is always to provide for a more fulfilling, lived life, and to grow as a person.

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About Me


​     In 1989 I started my career working at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires, as well as with the Armed Forces in a low-income area. I also established my private practice at this time.

     In 1991 I immigrated to Canada, where I completed my Master's at the University of Ottawa. I went on to work in diverse settings that involved domestic abuse programs, the Youth Services Bureau's Wraparound Program, and clinical private practice since 2007.

     Currently I facilitate a seminar on the CCRT method, supervising mental health practitioners interested in learning this brief psychotherapy approach.​

  • M.Ed. Counselling, Ottawa University, 2004

  • B.A. Psychology, University of Buenos Aires/Licenciada en Psicología, 1988

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

  • Couples and Family Therapy with an Emotional, Systemic Focus

  • Adolescents & Adults Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

  • Brief Psychodynamic Therapy/Core Conflictual Relationship Theme Method



Individual, Couple, and Family Counselling

Anxiety, panic experiences, and obsessive thinking

Focus on deep emotional connections and communication in relationships

Childhood (from 10 years old) & Adolescence

Pre and post migration, cultural identity, and self-value

Feelings of depression, sadness, and loneliness

Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Parenting consultation, family conflicts, life stages and transitions

Stress management

Trauma, grief, mourning and loss

Disordered eating, body image and self-acceptance

Fees & Insurance

Fees & Insurance


     My services are covered under the umbrella of the College of Psychotherapists in Ontario. For coverage under the Ontario College of Psychologists, treatment will be under the supervision of Dr. Martin Rovers. 

     At the end of each appointment you will receive a receipt to present to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Whether or not your insurance provider accepts receipts is for you to inquire with your provider.

     Please be aware that insurance companies generally only cover a portion of the cost of counselling, usually somewhere in the range of 80%.

     Counselling services are unfortunately not yet covered by OHIP.

  • Cheque

  • Cash

  • Debit

  • Credit

  • E-mail Transfer



Services Available in Spanish

     Mi experiencia profesional abarca problemáticas relacionadas a la ansiedad, ataques de pánico, depresión, angustia, y demás estados emocionales, debidos a diversas experiencias, como ser pérdida de seres queridos, de trabajo, divorcio, experiencias traumáticas, estrés, y problemas de relación y comunicación.


     Mi práctica profesional ofrece también consulta a padres y terapia de grupo. Conjuntamente, como trabajadora de la salud mental e inmigrante, sostengo un particular interés por temas relacionados con la identidad cultural, las experiencias pre y post-inmigratorias, el desarraigo, la melancolía, y experiencias de marginación y discriminación. A si mismo, considero que todo tipo de situaciones y sentimientos pueden llevar a una persona a buscar ayuda profesional.


     Ciertamente, la posibilidad de acceder a una ayuda psicoterapéutica permite alcanzar un mayor conocimiento de uno mismo, y en consecuencia  bienestar  y plenitud.

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